Tadacip reviews

Michael, 2 November, 11:15

I tried Tadacip once. It is happened that I wanted to order from the beginning Cialis Eli Lilly, but it was not in pharmacies. So then I was offered to try Tadacip instead. I bought it here and tried. No difference between it and Eli Lilly.. at all … !!!

Mike, 15 November, 16:01

You should start with the fact that Tadasip – a brand-name drug of Indian company. Produces company is “Cipla”. It is the same active ingredient as in any other Cialis – Tadalafil. As for the dosage, in each tablet, 20 mg.

Derek, 1 December, 10:03

Previously only heard about Viagra, and her bunch of side effects. Stopped at the generic tadacip. Very soft and works a bit longer than Viagra. Thanks for fast Delivery! +++

Tully, 15 December, 11:59

By the advice of a friend I bought generic Tadacip. I had just a stone riser, I did not expect such a way 🙂 Valid much faster than declared 50 minutes. Within 20 minutes I had an effect. Fast delivery!!!

Ben, 26 December, 15:15

Descriptions write that abundant food is bad for the efficiency of pills, but I didn’t notice that. All good even after a hearty dinner

Alek, 29 December, 11:02

Wide range drugs on this web-site, I found here all I could’t find long, fast delivery.

Ben, 3 January, 12:00

I heard about Tadacip before, decided to try. The drug is working, the effect – it’s the same as from Viagra – you can’t stop having sex for a long time:)

Ady, 7 January, 21:48

very pleased with the wide selection of generics from ED remedies, this is the best generic I’ve ever tried, always buying Tadacip.